Whispers of the Heart



"Mimi Sumaseba"
  1. Hill Town
  2. Follow the Cat
  3. Earth Shop
  4. Queen of Elf
  5. End of Summer
  6. Confidential Talk
  7. Rocked in the Train
  8. On the Hill, Breeze
  9. Angel's Zimmer (Angel's Room)
  10. -Violin Tuning- 0:09
  11. Country Road -Violin Version- 2:48
  12. Night Sky Thick with Stars
  13. Drifting Clouds, Glittering Hill
  14. I've decided! I'll write my own story
  15. Let's fly! We'll catch the updraft!
  16. Old wood-block print
  17. Canon
  18. Illusion Forest
  19. Recollections
  20. Song of Baron
  21. Dawn
  22. Country Road -Theme Song- 4:24

Track 22: Youko Honna
LENGTH: 46:19


This cd has to be one of the most sweetest, simple but lovely songs and music that has ever been made for an anime. The songs are pleasant, light, and full of life, much like the anime. All the tracks are BGM exept for the 2 Country Roads, and the cd is worth getting just for the violin version of Country Road. It's just not the same without the different instruments the older men uses. It's really hard not to get this cd after watching the anime cause of the fact that they had to replay Country Road so many different times, it gets stuck in your head for a long time.

Image Album

"Mimi Sumaseba"

  1. Hill town
  2. Concrete Road
  3. Convenience Store
  4. Only Half Window
  5. Monster Cat Moon
  6. At Earth Store
  7. Song of Baron
  8. Boy Making Violins
  9. Dawn
  10. Country Road



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